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Great People

In honor of great people and in memory of those who are no longer with us


Left: Andy at UCLA, 2008. Right: Andy at Rockefeller University, 1980

Andrew Jay Drexler
in memoriam

Carolyn Robertson, 
Zachary Bloomgarden

Opposing views of death are exemplified by two Chinese phrases: One phrase emphasizes the impermanence of

life, 人死如灯灭,comparing a personʼs death to the extinguishing of a lamp, whose flame, once put out, simply

no longer exists. The other phrase, however, 人死留名, reminds us that what remains is the individualʼs name - that

which uniquely identified them in the minds and hearts of their friends, colleagues, family, and all those with whom they came in contact during their lifetime. This latter view can justly be said to apply to Dr. Andrew Drexler.

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